"Do You Feel Lost In Our World And Long To Know If Your Life And Goals Are In Line With God's Will?"

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good.

His Love endures forever."

Psalm 136:1 

From:  Joshua Wong Loke Hai  (Sunday 3 December 2006)

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been blessed with success in my life. Throughout my years of working, I have had global experience in trades, professions, academia, international business and industry. I am well known as a catalyst specialist, often being sent to revamp the operations of Companies and turning it around.  



At the present moment, I am a director of All Nations Enterprises Pte. Ltd. a publisher and Entrepreneur. My wife, Winnie, and I have four children -  Barry, May, Bella and Angie and thirteen grandchildren. All are blessed by God¡¯s grace and love.  



If you know me now, you might be thinking that I have always been living in the midst of a blissful and blessed life.           

NOTHING  could be further from the truth....

In 1946, I was eight years old. During the evening time, my childhood friends would sit gather on the wooden planks next to our family shop at Victoria Street, Singapore. 

Looking at the night sky with all the infinite numbers of stars above us, I always wondered:

¡°How great is the universe - the world, the stars and
planets were there created by God?¡±

The magnificent views of sparkling & twinkling of stars were so fascinating giving calm and peace of joy to my heart. 

¡°I wonder, is there a God, who is the creator?
How can we get to know Him? ¡±

Occasionally, some old neighbours were sick and admitted to the hospital. The news of their death was always bad news. I could not understand why people have to die. I lost my parents when I was 4.

1951, at 13, I studied at the Catholic High School. Every morning for the first 15 minutes, we attended chapel for Scripture lesson; a Catholic Brother (teacher) would read the first line, ¡°God made man.¡± 

I would raise my hand to ask him ¡°Where is God?¡± Our teacher could not give me a satisfactory answer. I thought the Lord Jesus Christ was a great historical hero without understanding that He is our Savior.

I started working part-time from my childhood at the age of 10 and had been exposed to various fields of trade, business & industry, and profession globally. Fortunately, God has blessed me the wisdom to work for my survival needs until my retirement at 60. After retirement, I started to learn to walk with God and offered my services to His ministry in mission.

During the years from 1988 to 2003, I encountered spiritual attacks. I was twice blessed by God to take a journey ¡°through the valley of the shadow of death.¡± 

Recently, during the months of November & December of 2003, I was inspired by the Spirit of God to write this book. This book would be helpful to every one who is lost in this world. Those who want to know about life¡¯s journey would need to reflect at all times whether their goals are in line with God¡¯s will.


'Spirit Encounters - Journey from Darkness to Light

Available To Download Now In PDF Format

This book records my life¡¯s experience as an image of a mirror for others to analyze and follow at their own steps to walk with God, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit unto the time of eternity. 

Acts 1:8 states that ¡°God wants us to be His witnesses of His blessings to bring the Gospel to people of all nations and to the ends the earth.¡± Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord. All glory and honor to our Father, the God in heaven. May the Power of God¡¯s love and grace be abundantly poured to people of all nations on earth!


"Experiences in Life that Mystify and Even Baffle Medical Science"

There are some experiences in life that mystify and even baffle Medical Sciences. Among these are:-

  • Out of body experiences of those who have near-death encounters while being resuscitated after a heart-attack.
  • Life-changing encounters with the supernatural.
  • Encounters with ¡°spirits¡± or ¡°spiritual being.¡±

This book gives some practical insights into the workings of these ¡°spirits¡¯ in
the lives of many people like the author. As a pastor, friend and colleague
I have got to know him rather well for several years.

The encounters and insights of personal experiences with the ¡°dark world¡±
the author has over the years are real but defy explanation.

Today, the author is a healthier man than before because of another
positive encounter. His faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His healing
power have brought him deliverance and made his life more meaningful.

This author is a living example of one who has defied death twice
and lives to tell his story. All glory be to God!

Dr. Tan Kok Beng, D. Min.
Asia Pacific Mission Ltd.
Jan. 2004


I understand that we're both busy and time is important so here is a breakdown of what's included in the book:

  • Chapter 1 - Life and Death

  • Chapter 2 - Spiritualism 

  • Chapter 3 - Spiritual World

  • Chapter 4 - Analysis of God's Existence

  • Chapter 5 - Spiritual Warfare

  • Chapter 6 - Vital Religions of the World

  • Chapter 7 - Testimonies of Life's Experiences

  • Chapter 8 - Ministry to the Glory of God

  • Chapter 9 - Lay Ministry to Honor God

  • Chapter 10 - Conclusion of Life's Journey and Philosophy 

Every page of this personal ebook is filled with wonderful testimonies of God's love and grace for me.

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"A Walking Miracle"

I call Wong LH Howe a ¡°walking miracle.¡±

His testimonials demonstrate the reality of spiritual warfare and walking close to the Lord Jesus Christ.    

Eric Tan, MA PhD
Chairman, Vision Ventures
Micro-Enterprise Development, Lk.



"... experience is valuable to readers."

I know Wong LH since 1963 as a colleague
at the Singapore Polytechnic.

Ch. 7 of this book on his testimonies of spiritual
attacks and healing by the Holy Spirit in his
life¡¯s experience is valuable to readers.
Y.K Huen, PhD
Cah Research Centre


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If you don't draw inspiration from my e-book "Spirit Encounters - Journey from Darkness to Light "  

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GOD Bless You

Joshua Wong Loke Hai

After retirement at 60, the author spent three years at two Bible Colleges and served 9 years in Missionary/church evangelism activities in Singapore, Indonesia and Central Africa.

For enquiries and feedback email me at wonghowe@pacific.net.sg

P.S.  Many people do not consider life's questions until its too late.  Let my life experiences show and guide you in your journey ahead.




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